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                                                                                                              MBA Education: Trends and Expectations

Seminar on June 4, 2010 at Coimbatore


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Coimbatore School of Business (CSB) is established to offer management education in the field of Financial Services.  Taking inspirations from the 677th couplet of Tirukkural under the section ‘ Mode of Action’ 


“Know first the secret from experts

That is the way of fruitful acts”


the Trustees of the CSB established this school of business to impart industry specific knowledge in the field of Financial Services. Established with the unique vision of serving Financial Services industry, CSB educates and grooms students to excel and perform in the competitive and challenging business world.




“To be a reputed provider of frontline knowledge and skills for students in the Financial Services industry”




To identify the education and skills needed in the Financial Services industry, which is rapidly growing in size and complexity in India, and


To prepare the students in an industry-environment that will make them productive upon stepping into employment in that sector.


About Us


“Offering, enabling and enrichening education” , is the focus of CSB. The institution has been established with the aim to provide world class business education dedicated to the financial services sector. CSB is keen on creating more business leaders for the Financial Services industry. The students will enjoy the advantages of being groomed in a real time environment and will be educated and trained by  the industry experts in the respective areas of operation.


CSB understands that the future of education will be completely skill based. Offering mere knowledge may not be sufficient for the students to fact the cutting edge competitive business world. CSB is committed to providing the students with tools that will help them stand out and create a mark for themselves in the Financial Services industry.


Financial Services industry is considered lucrative world wide.  Beyond talent this industry requires sophisticated training due to the highly challenging and fast developing  nature. Professionals who are skilled in the financial service domain are in demand always. CSB has been established to help the students to turn them into a true professional to tap the existing opportunities in the right way. By sharpening the skill sets required to succeed, CSB will indeed be enabling the students to maintain their edge in the Financial Services industry.


This MBA programme offered by CSB, is one of its kind. The program will be offered inside a financial services company – Coimbatore Capital Ltd., thereby allowing the students to get a real-time experience of the industry. CSB believes that nobody can impart more valuable information, other than the experts from the specific industry itself. Throughout the course tenure, the program will focus on educating the students on every aspect involved with the Financial Services domain.   Experts carefully drawn from each area of specialization of the industry will train the students.


CSB is dedicated for providing knowledge that is not book based – but truly valuable and enrichening the intellect.


CPOP – Centre for Participatory and Online Programme of Bharathiar University.


CSB is recognized as a CPOP centre for providing M.B.A education. This helps the institution to offer M.B.A programme of Bharathiar University. The program is truly beneficial to the individuals pursuing the same, as it helps them to earn a successful degree with additional advantages of hands on exposure to the real industry.


Course Details


M.B.A Degree programme – with special focus on Finance & Financial Services


Stream – I

M.B.A Degree

Four NCFM certifications - Minimum

Orientation on banking fundamentals

Internship throughout the programme

Soft skills


Stream - II

M.B.A  Degree

NSE Certified Capital Market Professional – Level 4

PG Diploma in Financial Risk Management

Internship throughout the programme

Soft skills


A full fledged M.B.A programme with Finance elective papers will be offered at CSB. The degree will be awarded by one of the top NAAC accredited universities in IndiaBharathiar University, Coimbatore.


Value addition


The M.B.A programme at CSB will be a package of various other value additions namely:


NCFM certificationNSE’s certification in Financial Markets (NCFM), is an online testing and certification programme. The programme is to certify the practical knowledge and skills required to excel in the financial market.


Orientation on Banking and Insurance fundamentals – The financial services industry requires a core understanding of the banking and insurance fundamentals. At  CSB, this point is well-understood and hence the students are well-trained on the subjects.


Soft skills – To succeed in any industry, soft skills are mandatory. At CSB, the students are offered training sessions on developing and sharpening their soft skills.


Internship throughout the M.B.A programme – The academic program is offered along with an internship. As interns, students get an exposure to the real-time ambience of the industry. It is an opportunity for them to equip themselves before they foray into the real world of business, either as an Entrepreneur or as a Corporate Manager.


Offering in two streams  -   Stream – I will offer basic training and exposure and Stream-II will offer special expertise and rigorous training (see details in the streams column)




The infrastructure at CSB provides opportunities for skill building, professional grooming and talent management. The school is equipped with the latest technology, state-of-the-art facilities and modern amenities.


Class Rooms


Well furnished and air-conditioned class rooms equipped with the latest teaching aids create a fast and easy learning environment. Spacious , comfortable  and contemporary ambience fosters an environment that is extremely conducive to learning.




The modern library is a storehouse of knowledge housing a rich repository of books, journals and magazines from around the world. The wealth of information on Management and Financial Services, in particular is indeed a priceless asset to the students.


Computer Lab


A robust IT environment is highly imperative to move ahead in today’s jet paced world. Extending the requisite state-of-the-art IT infrastructure is the well equipped computer centre. The systems come with the latest configuration and a high speed internet connection.




CSB’s management brings the right blend of experience, expertise, enterprise and education. CSB is headed by Mr Ravi Chinnathambi. With a unique vision to provide outstanding and world class education to the students, trustees of CSB trust will ideally take CSB to top ranks among of top business schools in India. CSB trust was promoted by a group of highly educated people having a rich experience in variety of industries.


Mr. D. Balasundaram  is the President of CSB Trust who is an Electrical Engineer holds an MBA degree and M. Phil degree from the Columbia University, New York..  He is the founder promoter of Coimbatore Stock Exchange and the Interconnected Stock Exchange of India Ltd., Mumbai.  He is the promoter and Chairman of Coimbatore Capital Limited, a financial services company having more than 150 branches in South India offering the entire spectrum of financial services for retail investors.


Dr. K. Sabapathy holds a Ph.D. degree in Physics and is one of the promoters of Seyyone Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a 100% EOU healthcare BPO Company having its head quarters in Coimbatore.  He is also a member of Coimbatore Stock Exchange Limited and is a Director of Coimbatore Capital Limited.  He was the Vice President of Coimbatore Stock Exchange Limited and was also a Director of the Interconnected Stock Exchange of India Ltd., Mumbai. 


Mr.  Ravi Chinnathambi holds an MBA degree and is one of the promoters of Seyyone Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a 100% EOU healthcare BPO Company.


Dr. S. Karthikeyan holds M.B.A (Finance) degree with a Ph.D. degree in Management.  He presently holds the position of Director in three Financial Services companies including Coimbatore Capital Limited.  He is a specialist in International Finance and Derivative products. He is a professional investment manager.    He is a regular columnist in various areas of finance. He conducted lot of seminars across Southern India for various sections of people and trained around 1,000 peoples in Financial Services industry.






To obtain the information brochure containing Course Structure, Syllabus and Fees for the two streams of study please send a mail to   with ‘APPLICATION’ in the subject line of the

e-mail. Please give your name, date of birth, course and branch studied in Under Graduation (like B.A., B.Sc., B.Com., B.E., Etc with your branch of study such as -History, Chemistry, Computer Application, Civil, IT, Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics etc., ), your address with PIN CODE along with your mobile number.